Clothing long ago ceased to wear the function of cover their nakedness and keep warm. Fashion and did elevated it almost to a dominant place in the beauty industry. With the help clothing body can be transform until beyond recognition, in any form of. The question is how comfortable the body is in such a Union. Somewhere clothing mimics the natural perfection of the body, it mimics the texture, color, and sometimes dictates completely different images, trying to oust, get rid of the physical and even enslave. And somewhere, the body itself is forced to adapt to the form of its vestments, disguise and try to merge with the suit, while losing its individuality. In any case, this Union creates an interesting relationship, creating a third, asexual body.

And every time I put on a garment , before it fits perfectly on me, it is sure to offer its vision. There is bound to be some struggle between body and dress, content and form, before this Union results in a finished work.