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D. 18 years, her weight is 38 kg and his height is 171 cm, Murmansk. D. is struggling with anorexia 5 years, twice during that time was hospitalized. Currently undergoing psychotherapy, but continues to keep the weight off. Because of the anorexia she has low blood pressure, a heart defect, a broken ureters. Fatigue leads to the fact that most often to get around the city she uses a taxi. Likes chips, more than five slices does not allow it.

“You can live without food. You don’t need it!” “Wake up with the thought: today I’m beautiful”, “Ana – your best friend, don’t tell anyone about it.” Popular online communities dedicated to anorexia are full of such phrases. They have a great number of subscribers.

 Ana is the short name of anorexia nervosa, a mental illness in with a person deliberately refuses to eat. Common among teenagers, in 50% of cases the disease leads to death according to unofficial data. Young girls are ready, their weight does not exceed 40 kilos. But the main goals is the mark of 30. These parameters are dictated by the world of fashion trends.

 Anorexia nervosa used to be a disorder of professional models. Today it has become part of the lives of ordinary people, not related to the world of fashion. A careless phrase, an offensive comment on the physique can lead girls to dramatically change their lifestyle and then they are ready for any sacrifice to meet the illusive ideals.

As a rule, the diet of girl with anorexia is vegetables, fruits and water. No more than 500 calories per day, compared with the usual daily rate of 2000. For breakfast – coffee, like cigarettes, it helps to stifle hunger. The next phase disorder – bulimia. Uncontrolled eating in large quantities becomes a daily hell and ends with the stimulation of the cleansing of the stomach up to 5-6 times daily. Many people with anorexia are aware of their problem, but the fear of gaining extra grams makes it similar to drug addiction.